National Security Solutions Center of Excellence

Offering worldwide force protection, emergency preparedness and disaster response and CWMD for a safer world

As the physical threats to people and facilities increase, so do the solutions our National Security Solutions Team can implement and deliver to protect and defend critical infrastructure and personnel worldwide. After identifying and classifying the threat, our solution team uses model-based engineering to develop comprehensive plans to develop and deploy systems and train personnel to identify, respond and recover from threats.


Areas of Expertise

Security Integration Services for Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection

  • System Implementation and Support
  • Electronic Security
  • Access Control
  • Fielding Support

Countering WMD

  • Foreign Consequence Management
    • Policy Development
  • Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism
    • Workshops and Exercises
  • Counter Nuclear Smuggling
    • Foreign Partner Engagement
    • Interagency Coordination

DOD Mission Support: Planning and System Optimization

  • Operations Support and Planning
    • Acquisition Services
    • Equipment Strategy Development
    • Interoperability
    • Program Direction
  • Budget and Management Expertise
    • Budget Support
    • Administrative Support
    • Business Systems
    • Internal/External Communications

Emergency Preparedness & Response Training: Disaster Recovery & Operations

  • Excellence in Response Operations
  • Conducting Research and Assessments

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