Professional Services

Expertise to guide your mission success

DecisionPoint | CORTEK offer solutions in six Centers of Excellence (COE). We help execute a wide variety of challenging agency missions by applying operational rigor and excellence in execution. These best practices and procedures are woven throughout our organization, applied by our experts, and are available as Professional Services in consultation with our partners.

Quality Assurance
Program and Project Management
  • Business analysis and design
  • Budget/financial management
  • Training/mentoring
  • System Engineering
  • Design planning
Integrated logistics
  • Integrated product support
  • System installation
  • Logistics support

Security Integration Services for Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection

The safest solutions for every environment

Government facilities across the globe face unprecedented threats. From terrorist groups to lone wolf attacks to insider threats, these
facilities the people and the assets must remain protected. In the face of this rapidly changing environment, agencies at all levels defense, intelligence and civilian require a reliable, strategic and seasoned partner to deliver comprehensive security integration and force protection solutions.

The DecisionPoint/CORTEK team delivers a robust and full spectrum security protocol, both on and off military installations. Our comprehensive approach, designed to advance and maximize security postures, includes proactive intelligence solutions and secure force protection and surveillance strategies. As a direct result, agencies can maintain situational awareness while keeping civilians, staff and military personnel safe.

Through a model-based, systems integration approach, we map agency requirements to specific technical specifications, and deliver a complete plan with a bill of materials (BOM) to install, train and sustain.

DecisionPoint/CORTEK develops and implements complete model-based systems integration solutions. Our holistic approach includes:
System Implementation and Support

With the ability to deploy in both CONUS and OCONUS environments, our team offers user-friendly, timely and cost-effective model-based system plans, starting with comprehensive site surveys. These surveys baseline an agency’s current security infrastructure and determine new system implementation requirements.

Electronic Security

DecisionPoint/CORTEK plans, installs and maintains Emergency Notification Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Closed Circuit Television  (CCTV) Surveillance Systems and other Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Force Protection Systems.

Access Control

We provide state-of-the-art installation/facility access control solutions for both fully automated and man-in-the-loop Automotive and Pedestrian Access Control Points, and other selective restriction technologies that provide real-time situational awareness to security professionals and decision-makers.

Fielding Support

Our combined team has extensive logistics experience for the fielding process, including the development and implementation of expedited Material Fielding Plans (MFP) and supply chain management expertise.

Solutions in Action

The Military Base Emergency Management & Security (MBEMS) system supports the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) in enabling the Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) Ashore program. Using a model-based systems engineering approach, our value is in  providing customized engineering support that maps the technical upgrades to Navy operational requirements. We adapt as government  baselines shift staying within cost performance requirements and schedule to deliver solutions that protect against active threat scenarios.

EO/IR Force Protection Systems take a proactive approach to defend against what may happen. This includes an integrated system of systems to protect bases  specifically Army facilities with a comprehensive surveillance system that includes a layered architecture and supports interoperable sensor systems such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Countering WMD: Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear

Helping to prevent the unthinkable

“The harm caused by ISIS’s repeated use of sulfur mustard in Iraq and Syria over the past three years vividly exemplified this threat [of the use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) materials]. Terrorists’ stated intent to acquire, develop, and use these materials has not waned. The United States has continued to work proactively to disrupt and deny ISIS’s – and other non-state actors’ – CBRN capabilities.” –Department of State’s Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism

The threat of CBRN attacks is real, and it is not limited to ISIS. Global threats require laser-focused and forward-looking strategies.
DecisionPoint and our wholly-owned subsidiary, CORTEK, help agencies overcome security challenges through our policy, programmatic and administrative expertise. By combining cutting-edge analytics with strategic guidance, we deliver unparalleled insights so that threats are rapidly identified, disrupted and deterred. Defense and national security agencies benefit from our capacity-building efforts around-the-clock and around-the-globe, while training exercises build a new level of understanding around safety and security in support of the mission. Our experts synthesize information, enhancing the ability of executive leadership to make more informed decisions.

Foreign Consequence Management

We engage with foreign partners to provide best practices, policy direction and subject matter expert (SME) dialogue related to nuclear forensics, nuclear detection and CBRN/WMD consequence management. Recommending, drafting and implementing policy, our experts liaise with interagency partners to enhance the capabilities of partner nations for coordinated CBRN response. Other services include: 

Policy Development: We advise on policy measures for the State Department regarding CWMD assistance, international agreements and nuclear posture; counsel on NSC/White House-level documents regarding international CBRN response and requests for assistance; and develop office-level, short- and long-term strategy documents. 

  • Assessments: Our team conducts CWMD strategic assessments of over 40 nations, including developing an interagency team of SMEs, preparing all travel logistics, designing schedules and agendas for meetings, crafting questions for the partner nation, and leading the delegation through the entire visit. We then work with interagency SMEs to draft an assessment document and reporting CABLE that is released from the appropriate Embassy to headquarters. 
Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism

We offer program management support, providing consulting services to agencies on strategic policy decisions; designing and implementing assessments, workshops, exercises and trainings; as well as drafting presentations for senior leaders. Other services include:

Workshops and Exercises: We design, develop and implement large-scale multi-lateral workshops and exercises designed to discuss nuclear terrorism response, forensics and detection. Each workshop entails logistics coordination, drafting of resources, participant manuals and facilitation of the event. After the workshop concludes, we provide a detailed after-action report, as well as critical ‘way-forward’ documents.

Counter Nuclear Smuggling

Efforts to counter nuclear smuggling require precise domestic policy and intensive global coordination. We facilitate interagency dialogue and enable outwardly-focused relationship building activities, fostering diplomatic channels for capacity expansion and mission execution. This includes:

Foreign Partner Engagement: We offer guidance to the State Department and help engage foreign partners to articulate and achieve mutually-recognized goals related to counter nuclear smuggling. To help achieve these goals, we also work closely with interagency teams to develop, design and implement customized CBRN trainings, exercises and other related events.

Interagency Coordination: We support the State Department at interagency meetings and events, ensuring State interests are represented during decision-making processes. This includes interagency working groups, international conferences, domestic and foreign-focused exercises, and day-to-day coordination.

Solutions in Action

This Department of State program office focuses on the non-proliferation, counter-proliferation and consequence management of WMD materials around the globe. Through two key programs, Foreign Consequence Management and Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, our WMDT team engages foreign partners to provide best practices, policy recommendations and SME exchanges in the areas of nuclear forensics, nuclear detection and CBRN/WMD consequence management. We provide general program and project management for WMDT by consulting with the Department on strategic policy decisions; designing and implementing assessments, workshops, exercises and trainings; and drafting presentations for senior leaders.

Department of Defense (DoD) Mission Support: Planning and System Optimization

Delivering operational excellence to enhance national defense

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)—comprised of a massive framework of service members, civilian personnel, information networks, procurement processes, material and equipment demands precision and efficiency to function. DecisionPoint, and our wholly-owned subsidiary, CORTEK, work in many areas to optimize key processes. Our solutions are built on a foundation of trust and distinguished subject matter expertise, complemented by precise, analytical rigor. We synchronize communications for use at the tactical level; host command summits for senior leader knowledge sharing; recommend strategies including technical and policy guidance for equipment modernization to increase readiness; and provide financial management services for complex budgets.

Agencies benefit from our deep bench of experts, many of whom are retired military or still serving in the Reserves or National Guard. We know the lingo, understand the government environment and actively leverage best practices that have been refined over years of execution.

Operations Support and Planning

Acquisition Services: Managing the defense budget, which represents more than half of U.S. government discretionary spending, requires technological innovation and efficiency. Throughout the acquisition process we work closely with defense agencies’ acquisition arms. We provide technical advice, review policy and risk assessments, and make recommendations using sound analysis. Taking a comprehensive approach, we define goals and objectives, develop schedules and devise short- and long-term outcome tracking systems – providing measurable processes for acquisition lifecycle management. This streamlines and makes the agency acquisition process more efficient.

Equipment Strategy Development: Our subject matter experts navigate DOD regulations and policies, addressing equipping issues from concept stages to full fielding as quickly and efficiently as possible. We deliver this service throughout the entire lifecycle, from initial conception to demilitarization, ensuring that DOD equipment meets all required safety standards to better protect the warfighter.

Interoperability: The effective and timely sharing of information is mission critical to virtually every defense agency, but too often information silos prevent that from happening. We make interoperability a top priority, working with agencies to develop comprehensive policies, plans and capabilities to allow freedom of communications and a common operating environment – at the agency level or on an international scale.

Program Direction: We provide programmatic and technical expertise, including coordinated Systems of Systems (SoS) analysis, design and integration products, helping to meet operational and material requirements.

Budget and Management Expertise

Budget Support: We provide timely and accurate financial management services in all aspects of the budgeting process, including the maintenance and analysis of complex and diverse financial documentation. We work with the DOD to handle the execution of finance requirements, gain congressional funding, coordinate with agency vendors, provide audits and manage day-to-day bookkeeping.

Administrative Support: We offer a wide-range of administrative capabilities, including general administration, personnel and staffing actions, as well as technical writing, website management and conference/meeting coordination.

Business Systems: We understand that larger DOD functions are ultimately only as successful as their underlying business processes. We work with various stakeholders to draft policies and procedures for implementing a common business process strategy identifying and incorporating future capabilities. This includes developing strategy, policy, plans and processes, as well as highlighting opportunities for enterprise-wide investment and business process reengineering.

Internal/External Communications: We work in partnership with the DOD to identify messaging topics, ensure the effective spread of information and messaging internally, as well as find successful avenues for releasing information externally to most effectively engage stakeholders.

Solutions in Action

We advise the Office of the Chief Systems Engineer (OCSE).

OCSE is the focal point for System of Systems Engineering and Integration across the Army’s material development community. Our team works with three separate divisions of OCSE, including Systems Engineering Program Support, Chief Information Officer Governance and Operations Support. We have currently completed Phase 2 and initiated Phase 3 of a Prototype Project Agreement, involving a review and report on the Army Rapid Capabilities Office ‘Life-Cycle Process,’ to include comprehensive strategic recommendations.

Department of the Army Office: Force Management Mission (Mission Command) DAMO-FMM’s mission is to validate, prioritize and synchronize networking requirements across the entire Army. DecisionPoint/CORTEK delivers this synchronization – from governance to fielding – to the DAMO-FMM mission command at a tactical level. This includes analyzing, recommending and implementing technologies, as well as adhering to specific DOD regulations and policies. Our work enables freedom of communications within the Army as well as a common operating environment, ensuring that leaders have access to the same information for better coordination and enhanced decision making.

Health Informatics, Scientific and Technical Services

Revolutionizing the delivery of quality healthcare

The demand for government healthcare organizations to deliver precision care through innovative and connected virtual health technology has never been greater. DecisionPoint, and its wholly owned subsidiary CORTEK, through its analytical expertise is delivering meaningful reform and transforming and retooling the care delivery system.

Health Analytics and Delivery Center of Excellence (COE) works across traditional disciplines to plan and implement effective, evidence-based solutions for today’s complex health care challenges. Innovation integrated with passionate execution ensure high-quality methodologies to advance diagnosis and treatment of disease, alleviate health disparities, deliver efficiency and effectiveness and improve well-being across populations.

Health Informatics & Analytics - Using Data to Advance Care in the Military, Veterans and CMS Health Systems

Our analysts, statisticians, and research scientists work every day to  deliver more value in the US health system while controlling costs. We use cutting-edge analytics to monitor for payment and delivery accuracy in our nation’s healthcare programs. By importing payment data directly from disparate agency databases, we analyze high-risk trends, or those that are indicative of substandard outcomes.

Health Program Implementation and Optimization

DecisionPoint/CORTEK seeks to be a disruptor of the status quo—driving health innovation across government and diverse populations to revolutionize health outcomes. Through planning, execution and evaluation our tireless pursuit and commitment to the right delivery solution, when it’s needed, wherever it is required is changing lives.

Technical & Scientific Research and Development Support

DecisionPoint/CORTEK possesses exceptional capabilities to identify, recruit, and retain technical and scientific experts subject matter experts for a broad portfolio of government agencies, both military and civilian for BARDA. We have provided scientific and technical CBRN, disease research and surveillance, medical countermeasure and drug development expertise to agencies in Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (PHEMCE), including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), JPEO for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD), and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). We staff scientific and technical drug researchers quickly, accurately and with the highest quality.

Telehealth - InstaClinic

DecisionPoint/CORTEK’s InstaClinic delivers an extensive network of medical practitioners, ensuring that our clients can treat patients quickly, easily and without strain on existing resources or infrastructure. The InstaClinic ecosystem gives healthcare providers the ability to view critical patient data anywhere, on almost any device, allowing real-time patient assessment and collaboration for best-in-class patient care. Our Virtual Health Stations include connected examination cameras, streaming medical information, HIPAA-compliant EMR storage and HD video conferencing capabilities.

Our solutions in action

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Disability Exam Program: DecisionPoint/CORTEK designed and operates the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program Management Office and the Case Management Operations Center for the DVA Medical Disability Exam (MDE) Program for 11 western states. Our innovative training curriculum provided to a diverse set of hundreds of clinicians and medical staff, a QA/QC process that ensures strict adherence to complex DVA Disability Basic Questionnaires and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) driven by constant analytics that identify patterns and anomalies of veteran health realities, DecisionPoint/CORTEK serves supports the DVA in efficiently resolve more than 5,500 claims each month while making sure the veteran experience is dignified and honorable.

Health & Human Services/National Institutes of Health/Centers for Disease Control

DecisionPoint/CORTEK has expertise in providing program planning support analyzing threats to the healthcare and public health (HPH) sector major vulnerabilities (threats) to the HPH sector. Our capabilities include risk identification and mitigation, Qualitative risk analysis, economic health analysis, and bioinformatics. We have also staffed critical SMEs on the areas of Policy Development, Implementation and Administration contributing to the development and evaluation of protocols to improve the rapid access to science collections during public health or disaster events. We possess additional expertise in attracting and hiring leaders in the fields of Specialized Scientific Research, Clinical Trials, and Vaccine Research,

Emergency Preparedness & Response Training: Disaster Recovery & Operations

Enhancing emergency readiness and response capacity government-wide

Emergencies and disasters can strike at any time, and first responders and disaster response agencies need to be able to move quickly. We support recovery agencies and organizations as they seek to repair the often-disastrous consequences of both natural and man-made disasters. With support for both policy development and integrated logistics, we ensure that agencies are prepared before, during and after disaster strikes – even in the most harrowing scenarios. 


Excellence in Response Operations

To prepare for the threats and hazards posing the greatest risk to the security of the U.S., CDC’s Plans, Training, Exercise and Evaluation Branch (PTEE) provides the agency’s foundation for an integrated, synchronized all-hazards emergency response exercise program. PTEE supports all mission areas of the National Preparedness Goal and the National Preparedness System: Prevention, Protection, Response, and Recovery. 

As a central part of CDC’s ongoing ‘Excellence in Response Operations’ initiative, DecisionPoint GAP Solutions Joint Venture provides PTEE with a team of dedicated public health response training and exercise personnel. They will lead, develop, and execute a series of Training and Exercise Programs (TEPs) with technical support and engagement from the responding Center, Institute or Office (CIO). They also serve as a team of Controller/Evaluators to perform evaluation, training and organizing functions in anticipation of each TEP functional exercise. 

Conducting Research and Assessments

Our team is responsible for the development and execution of planning meetings, facilitation of necessary logistics functions, and effective engagement and coordination with internal CDC partners and national level external agencies. This includes conducting research and assessments on existing and new technologies, hardware and software, and initiatives related to improved training, exercises, and operations. In the performance of these requirements, the Exercise Lead/Exercise Planner manages controllers, evaluators, simulators, and supporting staff and facilitates Subject Matter Expert (SME) conferences and reports.  DGJV delivers specific outcomes including: 


(1) Effective and efficient Incident Management System (IMS) Structure 

(2) Validated staffing plans, to include shortfall mitigation plans 

(3) Validated task force roles and responsibilities for command, scientific response, special, and general staffs; and, 

(4) Validated policies, plans, procedures, and processes in place; Phased task matrix (primary and secondary responsibility) 

(5) Validated communications plan—internal, external, and alternative means 

(6) Identification of, trained, and prepared liaison officers and deployers 

(7) Cleared on-the-shelf products consolidated in one location  

(8) Updated annexes. 

Cyber and Information Operations

Architecting resilient, hardened cybersecurity capabilities across the mission-critical enterprise

Every modern agency is directly affected by the rapidly changing landscape of cybersecurity and information assurance. We develop, test and operate complex networks and cloud-based or on-premise support systems to safeguard against unauthorized access and other threats to classified, proprietary and sensitive data. We emphasize a process that includes Risk Assessment, System and Product Development Lifecycle planning and provides solutions rooted in security. We work with agencies to ensure that security capabilities are built into information systems from the ground up – hardening their environments.

Cyber Security
  • Forensic analysis and eDiscovery
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Deep Packet Capture and Analysis
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Secure communications
  • System Log Analysis and Anomaly Detection
Design and Technology

We enable agencies to intelligently meet their modernization goals, helping them make strategic investments that result in the greatest possible return. Our design and technology planning and assessment protocols give agencies the detailed analysis they need to make informed purchasing decisions that best leverage their investment.

  • Design Planning
  • System Design
  • Design Assessments
  • Software Design
  • Technology Planning and Implementation
  • Virtualization
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Disaster Recovery (DR)
Information Assurance
  • Risk Management
  • Governance and Compliance
  • NIST RMF Compliance
  • Certification & Accreditation